Wedderburn College 2015 Student Representative Council

2015 SRC Reps

After nominations, speeches and class voting, the 2015 SRC have been officially elected, eager to represent their peers and assist with decision making, social events and fundraisers. Congratulations to our student representatives. The initiative that you have shown is to be commended and we look forward to working with you in 2015.

Absent: Maddy Campbell, Adrian Humphrey, Monique Vella, Olivia Holbert, Brandon Wiggett
Back row: Tobi Shelley , Sarah Gordon -Cook, Ebony Martin, Ashley Younghusband, Byron Villani, Zoe Coombes, Simone Jackson
Front Row: James van de Wetering, Ella Bailey, Zac Slide, Nadia Martin, Lyndy Stephens, Chelsea Cunningham, Macey Jaques

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