Wedderburn College Return to School Program

Welcome to Wedderburn College for the 2015 school year! 

This is a reminder to parents/carers regarding the back to school arrangements for students attending Wedderburn College in 2015.

Our 2015 Prep students commence with their school entry testing on Friday January 30th and have their first day of classes on Monday February 2nd. Parents of our new Prep parents are invited to enjoy a cuppa and a biscuit in the staff room after you have said goodbye to your student in their classroom at 9.000AM.

Thur 29th Jan: No school
Fri 30th Jan: Prep entry testing
2nd Feb: First day of classes

Year 1 to Year 10
All students from Year 1 through to Year 10 have scheduled learning Conversations with either their class teacher or their Advocacy teacher on Thursday January 29th. Advice about the times of the Learning Conversations were included with students reports at the end of 2014 and also via a  phone call from the  Advocacy teachers. Students in Years 1-10 attend school on Thursday January 29th with their parent/carer for the Learning Conversation only.

Thur 29th Jan: Learning Conversations as scheduled
Fri 30th Jan: First day of classes
2nd Feb: Normal classes

VCE and VCAL Students
All VCE or VCAL students are required at Wedderburn College on Thursday January 29th commencing at 9.00AM and concluding at 3.30PM. These students will be undertaking an important orientation to VCE/VCAL program throughout the day. School buses will operate as normal  for students in Years 11 and 12.

Thur 29th Jan: Orientation to VCAL/VCE
Fri 30th Jan: First day of classes
2nd Feb: Normal classes

Book Collection
For your convenience we have arranged Book Collection day to coincide with the Learning Conversations. Wattle Office Supplies from Maryborough will have your student’s booklist prepared and ready for payment and collection on Thursday January 29th from 11.00AM – 6.00PM in the College Library.

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