New Staff at Wedderburn College in 2016

Wedderburn College is delighted to welcome four new staff into the school in 2015. Mr David Steed, Miss Sheba Gurm, Miss Laura Trembath and Miss Kim Greenwell are thrilled to join the team at Wedderburn College for the new school year. All four teachers said they are full of optimism and anticipation for their year ahead.

Sheba comes to the college as an experienced teacher from Rowville Secondary College in Melbourne. Sheba will be teaching VCE Chemistry, Science and Mathematics.

Laura graduated from Latrobe University in Bendigo last year. Laura is teaching in the Year 3/4 classroom.

This is Kim’s fifth year in the teaching profession as she joins the team at Wedderburn. Kim comes from Kangaroo Flat and shows her diversity by teaching English, Humanities, Science and Mathematics at Year 7.

David commenced at Wedderburn College in 2015 but now takes over the reins in the college’s music department after the departure of Jenny Wagstaff. David will be leading our dynamic and popular music program at the college.

The Wedderburn College community extends a warm welcome to the new staff and anticipate a rewarding and enjoyable year in the learning community.

Photo (from right to left): David Steed, Laura Trembath, Sheba Gurm, Kim Greenwell with Wedderburn College Principal, Margaret-Anne Wright

School for Student Leadership – Update

Five students (Nikita Glenister, Lily Witham, Jazz Wilkinson, Rex Stephenson and Sam Lockhart) from Year 9 have headed off to Gnirad-Gundidj for the entire term to attend the School for Student Leadership. each week we’ll provide everyone with an update, but you can follow their progress online – see links below.

Website: Gnurad-Gundidj Website
Facebook: Gnurad-Gundidj Facebook Page

From Gnurad-Gundidj….

Hello Everyone!

I hope that this e-mail finds you all happy and well. We are into our third day of the program now, with yesterday being ‘Teams Day’, which essentially consisted of a whole series of games and activities with the sole focus of helping the students get to know each other. Your children/students from Wedderburn College are teamed up with the students from Williamstown High School (Who are taught by Mr Bronson Valpied) and together they form the 13 members of team 2A. If you ever see photos on our website or Facebook page which mention 2A in the title or caption, then that will be our group on display.

All of 2A really appear to be having a wonderful time. There are new friendships being formed, roommates who are getting to know each other, duty roles being fulfilled (2A are on duty tomorrow, which means that they will be doing tasks for the whole community such as washing up after meals and mopping the floors) and simply familiarising themselves with their new environment.

It really is a privilege to see so many happy faces around the campus who are willing to get involved in the program and also spend time getting to know us (the teachers) and each other.

Tomorrow, the students of 2A will explore our local area, such as ascending and then descending into our closest volcano, Mount Noorat, which was once a significant meeting place for numerous indigenous tribes of south-western Victoria. They will also have an introductory lesson to our mountain bikes on Thursday and then go for a short ride around Glenormiston.

Lastly, today the students have been brainstorming ideas for their Community Learning Project, which will be their major focus during their time with us – and once they return home.