Wedderburn College 2015 Student Representative Council

2015 SRC Reps

After nominations, speeches and class voting, the 2015 SRC have been officially elected, eager to represent their peers and assist with decision making, social events and fundraisers. Congratulations to our student representatives. The initiative that you have shown is to be commended and we look forward to working with you in 2015.

Absent: Maddy Campbell, Adrian Humphrey, Monique Vella, Olivia Holbert, Brandon Wiggett
Back row: Tobi Shelley , Sarah Gordon -Cook, Ebony Martin, Ashley Younghusband, Byron Villani, Zoe Coombes, Simone Jackson
Front Row: James van de Wetering, Ella Bailey, Zac Slide, Nadia Martin, Lyndy Stephens, Chelsea Cunningham, Macey Jaques

College Whole School Assembly

All parents and community members are invited to attend the College’s first whole school assembly for 2015.
The assembly is on Monday 23rd February at 11.30am in the KLC.
SRC and Sports House Captains will be presented with their badges during the assembly by Louise Staley (Member for Ripon).
There will also be a range of presentations from across all year levels in the college.
Source: Latest Wedderburn College News

2015 Swimming Carnival Champions

2015 Swimming Champions

2015 Swimming Champions

Wedderburn College has another round of champions after Friday’s Swimming Carnival.

Front row L-R: Sam Lockhart, Mikala Mcneill, Nathan Crowe, Tess Jackson, Aliza Lockhart, Neve Nisbit, Finn Turnbull
Middle Row: L-R: Rochelle Vella, Laura Van De Wetering, Josh Turnbull, Laura Witham, Monique Vella, Oscar Van Veen, Jordan Woodfield.
Back Row: L-R Carly Isaac, Tim Isaac, Rhordan Holt.

8 in a row for the mighty Ansett at the Wedderburn College House Sports

On Friday, 6th of February Wedderburn College sports house ‘Ansett’ yet again proved too hard to beat, after winning this year’s House Swimming Carnival. After winning the aggregate shield competition for the last 6 years, Ansett finished on 673 points whilst Jacka finished on 419 points. The house shield was gladly accepted by House Captains Thomas Jackson and Emma Lockhart.

Participation was high with many students competing in more than one event for the day.

The following students were the age group champions for 2015:

Age Group Boys House Girls House
Golden Goggles 3/4 Nathan Crowe -Williams Ansett Neve Nisbet Ansett
Golden Goggles 5/6 Finn Turnbull Ansett Aliza Lockhart Ansett
11 years Zac Slide Jacka Aliza Lockhart Ansett
12 years Finn Turnbull Ansett Mikala McNiell Ansett
13 years Oscar Van Veen Jacka Tess Jackson Ansett
14 years Sam Lockhart Ansett Rochelle Vella Ansett
15 years Jordan Woodfield Ansett Carly Isaac Jacka
16 years Rhordan Holt Ansett Laura Van De Wetering Jacka
17 years Tim Isaac Jacka Monique Vella Ansett
Open Josh Turnbull Jacka Laura Witham Jacka


Meet Wedderburn College’s Preps!



Wedderburn College today welcomed 7 new excited prep students to the school. Their day started off with a morning tea and introduction with their parents, before engaging in learning activities with their teacher Tanya Chalmers. All prep students displayed great enthusiasm and enjoyed their first day of school making new friends.

Preps 2015

Photo L-R: Olivia Hogan, Jacob Ward, Eleanor Dooley, Kiara Gough, Tanya Chalmers (Teacher), Olivia Walker, Aiden Wingfield, Emily Caruana.