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Welcome to Wedderburn College. Our responsibility and key priority is to make a positive impact on the educational, social, emotional and physical lives of our students. We have dedicated, responsive and caring staff who have a genuine desire to develop our college as a school of choice, where all in the community can have confidence that a quality curriculum and learning environment exists.

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Compass is used by Wedderburn College for Parent/Carer - Student - Teacher communication. Check in regularly to view Student's learning tasks, feedback and feed forward on student's learning progress, timetable, contact teachers, view calendar, approve events and report absences and much more.

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  • Canteen Closure Reminder
    Dear Parents/Carers, Please be reminded that the Canteen will close for 2018 this Friday, 14th December and as such the Canteen is operating on minimal stock.   Examples of items now out of stock are:  Primas', Icy Twists and some Nippy's flavours.  If your child does happen to order anything that I no longer have, they […]
  • Welcome to Wedderburn College